I believe you were born with a purpose, I believe you were born for greatness. And I am here to ensure you find that purpose and achieve the success, influence and impact you dream of.

Hi, I am Tünde, and I believe in you.
My mission is to challenge your limiting beliefs and facilitate purposeful transformational change in your life to accelerate personal and professional development so you can influence as a true leader and change not only your life but the world around you.
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Love to DigDeeper, Think for myself & Practice what I preach.
Besides all these, I also love to study, gain new insight and purposefully grow and develop my life to reach new levels of awareness and impact.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Management and my background in Content & Social Media Marketing goes way back to 2013. But my passion for being there for people, empowering them and finding ways to facilitate change and growth in those around me has always been a major part of my life… and it goes way back in my 20s. :)

So, even though teaching, speaking, coaching, training has been in my DNA ever since I can remember, I officially started coaching and training individuals and teams in 2018 and continued ever since, working with clients from all over Romania, USA, Ecuador and Mongolia.

I also have several diplomas/certificates that have helped me lay a foundation as a professional. HOWEVER, I believe diplomas don’t mean much without actually practicing and without the experience that intense practice brings with it. That’s why I believe certificates and diplomas will never beat hard work, continuous study and authentic experience and practice that allows you to learn both from mistakes and from highly rewarding achievements that come from putting into practice not only your knowledge but your heart , time and energy.

So, here’s a question that guides and motivates me, as well as helps me stay updated, never stop learning and practicing: How can I serve people in a way to genuinely facilitate change and transformation in their life? How can I support and guide my clients to a level of high success and impact?

I know from experience that shifting patterns (habits), mindsets and limiting beliefs isn’t a simple process, in fact it’s one of the hardest work you’ll ever go through. And there’s no magic with the supernatural power to change your life and business if you don't put in the necessary work.

But I also know that the pain of change does not compare to the pain of staying the same, and to the feeling of being stuck or trapped in your own limited beliefs, most of the time without even being aware of it. And yes, sometimes even your current success can stand in the way of an even higher and impactful success and mission.

So here’s what I believe.

I believe there’s no greater achievement in life than that of a changed, and transformed human being who lives a purposeful life, with influence and positive impact.

And partnering with you to facilitate the transformational change YOU need is one major part of how I live my life to the fullest in a purposeful way.

We all have a mission, we all have a vision and mine is to shine light on the areas of your life where you need clarity, truth and shift in perspective.
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