What is coaching?
Coaching is about facilitating change - transformational change.
Coaching is also about a partnership between the Coach and the Client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize personal and professional potential. It is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal, professional, or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.
What does DigDeeper stand for?
Digging deep has to do with making an effort with all of your available resources. It also refers to developing the ability to look inside yourself and become aware of your potential, your strengths, your passions, gifts, talents, values, the truth, your purpose and using all you have to set and reach your goals and objectives. By going to a higher level of awareness, not only that you’ll gain clarity to overcome obstacles but you’ll also discover new opportunities and ways to become a successful human being on all levels.
Digging deeper has to do with resiliency - your ability to bounce back after setbacks, failures, disappointments. Digging deeper requires a growth mindset, a willingness to get uncomfortable in order to change and improve, and ideally transform your life.
Digging deeper takes effort, determination, and persistence. And when you get to the core of who you are (identity & truth) and what you want out of life (purpose & vision), not only that you’ll live a purposeful life, but you’ll be on your way to creating impact and live a life of influence.
There’s no magic with the supernatural power to change your life and business if you don't put in the necessary work.
Changing the world around you starts with changing yourself first. #DigDeeper⛏️
What is the difference between change and transformation?
Change has to do with using external influences and information in order to modify actions and achieve the wanted results. Change happens on a mental level. Each insight creates new connections in the brain among neurons. Transformation on the other hand is about modifying beliefs so that natural actions bring about the desired results. Change is always the first step toward transformation, however, change alone is not transformation. Lots of small changes lead up to transformation. Change initially modifies behaviour, whereas transformation modifies values, beliefs and desires.
What is transformational change?
Transformational change is the shift in who you are and how you see yourself. It is a step-by-step process designed to create significant change on all levels: emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual in order to produce significant improvement, forward-movement and lasting change. Therefore Transformational Change Coaching facilitates a profound, fundamental and irreversible change in your life on all levels.
What is the approach of DigDeeper Transformational Change Coaching?
The transformational change methodology I work with is about a holistic approach dealing with all elements of human systems, therefore transformational change coaching leads to positive, permanent change. It’s not just about building plans and setting goals, because a list of to do’s hardly ever gets us to change. By digging deeper and addressing the heart of the problem instead of the symptoms, clients change their thinking permanently and the deep, meaningful work results in sustainable, transformational change. Instead of treating the symptoms and coming up with a short-term strategy, we dig deep into what’s causing the problem and how you can get unstuck.
How many coaching sessions should I opt for in order to achieve the transformation I need?
The number of coaching sessions you need in order to achieve transformation can’t be predicted as everyone is different and functions differently. However in my experience, I’ve noticed what are the minimum sessions needed in order to achieve some breakthroughs and changes, so I’ve put together somecoaching packages you can choose from to start with.
How can I find out more or address questions that I may have in case I am interested in coaching with you?
The first step is to discover whether coaching is for you and whether we can work together. Therefore you can opt for your FREE 30 min long DigDeeper Consultation and find out whether Transformational Change Coaching is for you.
So, let’s get to know each other over a Zoom call, and discover:
How Transformational Change Coaching works
Whether coaching can help you or not
Your coaching needs and objectives
Your team's coaching needs and objectives
My coaching approach and the way I work to get you the results you need
Whether we could work together
Contact me and schedule a Zoom appointment to have an insightful, 30 minutes-long meeting online to discuss your wants, needs, and objectives as well as to provide you the opportunity to ask the questions you may have. You can also reach out to me via email:
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