Invest in your team members
If your employee struggles, faces challenges, is being misunderstood, lacks perspective, they will come to work with all of these feelings and struggles. And unless a shift in their mindset takes place, no amount of vision or good leadership at work will change them.
As a leader you may know how powerful it is to inspire employees, your team members in ways that go beyond exchanges and rewards. After all, this approach is known to increase a team’s motivation by helping them understand the value and purpose behind your organization’s goals.

But what happens when you seem to be doing a fantastic job, yet there still seems to be a struggle in some of your team members?

The first thought that comes to mind could be that those team members might not be well suited for your team, they don’t seem to be motivated enough to align to your vision and they would be probably better off in someone else’s team. In some situations it could be the case, after all, we all have different understandings of how things work and our vision can differ.

But what if the reason some team members are struggling has nothing to do with your leadership skills or vision? It has to do with the fact that your team member, your employee is first of all a human being with feelings, challenges, perspectives, beliefs and needs. You can’t separate the human from the employee. The person who comes to the office is still the person who faces challenges and battles with thought patterns that don’t serve them.
Through One-to-One Transformational Change Coaching sessions your team member can learn how to:
Move beyond perceived obstacles
Determine what you really need and want
Gain insight and discover a new perspective in thinking, a process that is so powerful and insightful that you can’t go back to your original way of thinking
Be in charge of your emotions
Identify ways to surround yourself with people who truly support you
Take control over your life and change things you never thought could change
Become aware of your limiting beliefs, the quality of your thinking, and what’s sponsoring it
Organically create your own goals and plan for the desired outcomes and results
Achieve deep, meaningful, consistent and long-lasting results that impact all areas of your life
Sometimes all your team members need is someone ‘from the outside’, a professional who is completely objective and is ready to provide the right context and a safe environment for them to grow, change and transform.

Sometimes there’s a need to work with each individual on their own in order to build a powerful team. As a leader
Provide each individual on your team the opportunity to change into the team member that will become a powerful team player in an unshakable team.
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